Discover What Angels Fore Charity
is All About

Angels Fore Charity began with an idea. After years of playing in charity golf tournaments with his friends, owner and operator Tom Rossetti figured that there had to be a better way to find those types of charity events. He noticed that only occasionally would be one be posted at a local golf shop, supermarket bulletin board, or restaurant. Sometimes, there would be an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio, but those were not widespread and the people who wanted to attend were left in the dark.

That’s when it occurred to him. A website devoted to finding these tournaments would be a great idea! But, while laying the groundwork for that site, he also realized it would be even better to start a company that organizes charity golf scrambles – and other charity events for busy companies too!

From that realization Angels Fore Charity was born.

Today, we welcome all types of local, charitable organizations and groups to contact us to let us help them plan an event – golf related or not. We handle all the logistics, and customize everything based on their wishes so that their customers and beneficiaries will be talking about it for years to come. From casino nights to bowling tournaments, wine dinners to silent auctions, charity BBQ’s to charity sports events, and everything in between, Angels Fore Charity does our part to help give back in the best way we can.

For more information about us, or to speak with one of our talented organizers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 239-216-7363 or